What is Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to get and retain erection firm enough to have good sex. Having issues that relate to your erection from time to time is not necessarily a cause for concern. Is erectile dysfunction an ongoing issue? It is advisable that you sort out for possible ways to get rid of it because it is likely to cause stress, alter the progress of your self-confidence, etc. And yes! It can also give rise to problems in a relationship.

This problem around getting or keeping an erection can also surface as a result of health conditions which you have to attend to. If erectile dysfunction beclouds your mind, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor — do so, even though you’re embarrassed. Sometimes, medically attending to underlying can go a long way in reversing erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

• Problem getting an erection.
• Difficulty keeping an erection.
• A decrease in sexual desire.

When to visit your doctor:
• Visit your doctor if you have lots of concern about your erection
• Visit your doctor if you observe sexual problems such as premature or delayed ejaculation
• Visit your doctor if you have heart disease, diabetes or another popular type of health condition that might have something to do with erectile dysfunction
• Visit your doctor if you experience any symptom that relates to erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Male sexual dysfunction is a process, a complex process precisely. It’s a process which involves blood vessels, hormones, brain, nerves, emotions, and muscles. If you have a problem with any of these, you’re likely to possess this condition called erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes, psychological problems, combined with physical problems, can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems such as anxiety and the likes.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
• High Cholesterol
• Heart disease
• Clogged blood vessels
• Obesity
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Use of Tobacco
• Parkinson’s disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Metabolic syndrome
• Certain medications
• Sleep disorder
• Peyronie’s disease — scar tissue’s development inside the penis.
• High intake of alcohol
• Surgeries or injuries

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
The brain plays a vital role in developing the series of physical events which help you to get an erection, beginning with feelings attached to sexual excitement. There are things that can come in the way of sexual feelings — causing or worsening erectile dysfunction. Those things entail thus:
• Stress
• Anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions
• Problems that have to do with relationships because of poor communication, stress, or other concerns.

Risk Factors
There are a few risk factors which can lead to erectile dysfunction:
• Use of tobacco
• Overweight
• Medical conditions
• Medications
• Injuries
• Use of drugs and alcohol
• Psychological conditions: stress, depression or anxiety
• Injuries

These complications come as a result of erectile dysfunction; they include:
• Low self-esteem or embarrassment
• Relationship problems
• Anxiety or stress
• A sex life that doesn’t satisfy you
• The inability to ensure that your partner gets pregnant.

You can prevent erectile dysfunction by doing the following:
• Make healthy lifestyle styles
• On a regular basis, visit your doctor for regular screening tests and checkups
• Regular exercise
• Do whatever it takes to reduce stress
• Quit smoking, avoid or limit the intake of alcohol
• Don’t take in illegal drugs
• Sort out for help if you observe depression, anxiety, and the likes.

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Be cool and happy always. Avoid stress, tension and anxiety. Stress, tension and anxiety are the main culprits of Erectile Dysfunction.

Negative sex-related thoughts are the common cause of sexual performance anxiety.
There are many factors that can trigger these kind of thoughts. As a man, you are flooded with cultural and social pressures. You are told that you should perform a certain way during sex. It is these pressures that can lead to negative self-talk, fears, concerns, and unhealthy thought processes.
Have you ever had the following thoughts?
• What if I can’t get or maintain an erection?
• What if I can’t make her orgasm?
• What if I ejaculate too early?
• What if she doesn’t like my body?
• What if she thinks I’m too small?
• What if she tells others about her bad experience?
If these kinds of thoughts run through your head, before or during sex, you may be at-risk for developing sexual performance anxiety issues.

All these anxieties are phycological which are the result of brain thoughts. Suitable medicines can cure this and you can enjoy a happy sexual life.

First, it is important to understand that fear and anxiety are not the same thing.

Fear is a natural emotion designed to protect us from danger. Because, when a person is unaware of possible danger, he is unable to avoid it – and his chances of survival decline.

Anxiety is an extreme sense of fear that goes beyond what a person should feel in a particular situation – which in your case is sex!
Keep in mind that when you become anxious, your body responds, as if you are in real danger – even if you are not. As a result, your body produces and releases adrenaline and cortisol. These are stress-related hormones, that illicit a “fight-or flight” response in your body.

It can happen to anyone!

Experts believe that approximately 20% of all ED cases are psychological.
Yet, there is a common misconception that performance anxiety is only a young men’s issue. Well, the truth is that men of all ages can experience ED. In fact, even some elderly men suffer from performance anxiety. Men can also develop performance anxiety even if they are in long-term relationships.
And, after having one or two “bad experiences,” you could fall into a vicious sexual performance anxiety cycle.

Visualize your mind a happy and successful sexual experience –

visualizing a successful sexual experience. Imaging that you are strong enough and how to stay hard and enjoy sex and recognizing that your partner is also enjoying the sex. Your unconscious mind reacts as though what you are imagining is really happening.

Diet, medication & Exercise

A healthy body often leads to a healthy mind. So, if you are suffering from performance anxiety, you may want to improve your exercise and diet. However, before adding an exercise routine to your weekly activities, consult your doctor. Improving your body’s appearance and condition may help you feel better about yourself. And, this can lead to more confidence in the bedroom. Exercise may also help strengthen erections.

What Exactly Do Male Enhancement Pills?
Here are the functions of the best enhancement pills:
• They ensure that you have a better quality erection
• When taken, they have the ability to increase the strength and physical stamina of the user, during sex and even outside the act of sex
• At erogenous zones, these pills increase the level of sensitivity — this leads to much more intense orgasm
• They boost libido and sex drive
• Beyond sex, these pills have many other health benefits — health benefits such as stronger and improved immune system, decreased stress levels, better heart function, etc.

What Do Male Enhancement Pills Contain?

The reliable male enhancement pills out there, including the ones stated below, are the ones which are made with natural ingredients (ingredients that contain little or no side effect) — all-natural. Korean ginseng, pomegranate extract, etc. — are popularly used ingredients, and they have, in time past, been used in alternative or traditional medicine to get rid of ED and increase the libido of their users.

Many of the active ingredients which these pills contain are safe — it’s been proven. They are accessible by anybody, and you can get one without a prescription. Most of the compounds present in these pills are naturally-occurring. The expense needed to manufacture these pills is quite affordable — compared to those other pharmaceutical drugs.
And, you have to note that these drugs can be counterfeited. People are likely to create a fake version(s) of these male enhancement pills. The efficiency of the fake version is zero, and they are even dangerous. Make sure you at all times practice caution when choosing the right brand of male enhancement pills for your consumption. And also, don’t order from anywhere else apart from the supplier’s official website.

Best Male enhancement Pills

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Male Extra was created in the year, 2009, and since it’s creation, it has been known as one of the best male enhancement pills. This product does wonders in ensuring that its users get a stronger and larger erection, and also improves sensitivity at their erogenous zones. This, to a great extent, intensifies the sexual pleasure of the users. And not just the users, the partners also. For you to get the “at its peak” effect of Male Extra, it’s recommended that you take a pill three times daily.

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Male Extra™ contains L-arginine, Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), L-Methionine, Zinc, Cordyceps and Niacin (vitamin B3). All are safe and natural ingredients, with many clinical studies and trials documenting their effectiveness.

Yes, we know that male extra helps its users to improve their sexual performance, but what if we told you that Male Extra has health benefits, too? Don’t be surprised yet, there is more to know about. Male Extra contains L-Arginine as its main active ingredient.
Note: L-Arginine is an Amino acid.
Once the body absorbs the L-Arginine, it converts to Nitric Oxide. And Nitric Oxide is a neurotransmitter which improves blood circulation and ensures that the blood vessels are relaxed. Better circulation indicates that there will be a smooth inflow of more blood during an erection. Increased L-Arginine levels in the body are associated with a healthy immune system.
Even when you’re involved in physical activities, Male Extra reduces the level of fatigue — this is possible because of the presence of pomegranate extract. Stress and fatigue, as stated earlier, are huge contributors to erectile dysfunction. With the whole essential ingredients mixed with pomegranate extract, Male Extra does wonders.
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Viasil is a natural sexual enhancer which has both a short and a long-term effect, and have a positive effect on energy and endurance as well as on strength & vitality. For this effect citrus fruits and pomegranate are combined with zinc and a special root extract.

Viasil uses 100% natural ingredients for a safe and clinically tested erectile dysfunction formula.  Revelutionising bedroom performance it increases energy levels, reawakens sexual desire, supports hard powerful erections and extra stamina and endurance.


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When you take this tablets,  immediately increase blood flow and promote mitochondrial action. Both effects should provide clear advantages in terms of erectile function. Thus, Viasil is a prescription-free sexual enhancer for men.



1. Citrus Sinensis: Citrus Sinensis is a citrus fruit that is very rich in carotenes and flavonoids. These are supposed to stimulate eNOS. This is essential for the production of nitric oxide and should therefore be able to increase the nitric oxide content in your body. This increase in turn leads to an acute increase in vasodilations (blood flows), which cause the blood vessels to expand more easily. In addition, Citrus Sinensis increases ATP production in your body by increasing respiratory capacity and preventing protons from escaping from mitochondria, the power stations of cells in your body. This increased ATP production is in turn responsible for a higher energy level, which you can naturally use if you are taking a sexual enhancer. The fruit is also said to have an effect on the availability of oxygen. This means that your muscle cells have increased amounts of O2 at their disposal. This effect also increases your performance.

2. Pomegranate: The second important ingredient is pomegranate. With its high content of polyphenols and nitrate, the fruit ensures increased nitric oxide production in your body. Similar to Citrus Sinensis, blood circulation is strongly promoted here. The polyphenols are also supposed to provide the mitochondria with higher substrate quantities and thus provide a higher energy level.

3. Ginkgo Biloba: An herb, which is rather unknown in our latitudes, is used in the food supplement as a natural means to increase blood flow in the penis. This effect is said to be due to the increased nitric oxide production produced by Ginkgo Biloba. This not only maximizes blood flow to the penis, but also increases sexual desire. The natural substance also contains high levels of terpenoids and flavonoids. They have an antioxidant effect, which should protect against damage by free radicals.

4. Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase the libido and sex drive of humans. This is to be triggered by a lowering of the cholesterol level and the blood sugar. In addition, Tribulus Terrestris is also said to have an effect on hormones.

5. Panax ginseng root extract: Stress reduction and the increase in sexual performance are said to be due to the extract of Panax ginseng root in Viasil. The ginosenosides contained in Viasil are said to have a positive effect on concentration, alertness, sexual desire and endurance, and at the same time to reduce anxiety, which often has an influence on sexual performance.

6. Epimedium brevocorum: Epimedium brevocorum, often also called “horny goatwort”, contains large amounts of lacarrin. This substance is said to be able to inhibit the release of PDE5, a chemical compound suspected of reducing blood flow. Epimedium brevocorum is also said to increase blood flow to the erectile tissue.

7. Zinc: Zinc is an important mineral that is responsible, among other things, for balanced protein synthesis. The mineral is also said to have an influence on reproduction and fertility. In addition, zinc accelerates sperm production and cell recovery.


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