The greatest asset of a man is his healthy body. It does not matter what he has achieved if he is not having a healthy body.

Your Body is the capital for your worldly well-being or Your health is your greatest asset.

Without having sturdy and an energetic physical body, it is difficult to enjoy your full life, so clearly health is your greatest asset.

Health Evolution Project is a family supplements company whose unique Norwegian YTE® proteins and botanical herb formulas are recommended by Doctors around the world.

Our superior natural Products – Telomind and Aminoserene balance Cortisol level – the stress hormone and keep your entire body healthy. High cortisol levels and a low immune system result in:
• being vulnerable to ill-health
• inability to sleep deeply
• poor digestion
• inability to concentrate, focus, and poor understanding
• inability to heal
• premature aging

Understandably, right now people are desperately asking how to “support the immune system”.
Now-a-days, most people’s immune systems are not working well.
Unfortunately, the additional stress and worry caused by the global pandemic is only contributing to the crisis of widespread poor immunity. Here, our YTE® formulas based supplements are the right product to support and maintain immunity & stress level and keep your health in-tact.

So, always keep your body immunise and healthy to avoid the attack of deadly diseases.


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Our products are specifically formulated to:

  • rebalance your chakras (your body’s power centres)

  • realign your meridians (your body’s energy pathways)

  • reawaken your pineal gland (which regulates your daily and seasonal circadian rhythms, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels and physical performance along with determining how you think and feel every day)

  • raise your personal energetic bio-resonance which is necessary for your good health.

To safe-guard your health, consume regularly following natural health supplements………..


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Get the unique Pure Live Active Nutrition you need to live your best life.
The only rare natural Norwegian proteins blended with proven plant-based phytonutrients – and all at clinical therapeutic dose.







AminoBoosters 2 – Did You Know…


Wth Aminoboosters-age-better

AminoBoosters contains 100% Pure YTE

AminoSerene – Serenity and strength

Amino Boosters – Recharged and Rebuild






Our winning Health Evolution two-formula System includes either TeloMind or AminoBoosters, combined with AminoSerene.

Experience 35 key nutrients including, of course, YTE®, and the complete Vitamin B complex with the most bioavailable, highest-quality B12 available called MecobalActive, botanicals including three important adaptogenic herbs Ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola rosea, and Sensoril® Ashwagandha Withania somnifera plus BioPerene® nutrient-uptake enhancer.

We ensure all ingredients truly complement each other, improving absorption rates and beneficial impact.

As an Affiliate, you will receive 12-20% of each retail product sale plus bonuses, prizes AND 6 levels of commission, on retail AND wholesale sales referred, internationally, for the customer lifetime. You can also buy wholesale, and make up to 78% profit. Wholesale packs range from 24 bottles to 100 bottles in size.

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For online purchase of our products, visit our  following marketing links Or copy-paste it in your URL

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