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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common ways that bloggers and creators monetize their content. Essentially, the idea behind affiliate marketing is that you utilize your influence to promote certain products to your audience. If someone purchases those items with your recommendation and affiliate link, the company will pay a specified amount of that sale as a commission.

The world of affiliate marketing is quite vast. Many businesses utilize the reach of influencers to sell their products, so you should not have any problem finding products that you actually want to recommend to your audience. You can build a partnership with a company directly or work through an affiliate platform. Affiliate Platforms allow you to connect with a wide range of companies and products, thus, expanding your possibilities.

In affiliate marketing, we recommend products to our readers, and if they decide to buy the product using the unique affiliate URL we provide, then we get a referral income from the purchase.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Start A Blog

Starting a Blog is often one of the first things people do when they are trying to generate passive income through Affiliate Marketing. This is because blogs can be very flexible in its uses and purpose. Today, blogs are important marketing tools that can generate income all on their own.

Setting up a blog is relatively simple. All you need is a Blogging Platform, such as WordPress, and a hosted domain. The costs of hosting a blog vary quite a bit based on the particular domain extension you have and the host itself. However, you can start a brand-new blog for only a few dollars a month. Once you have your Blog set up, you can start producing content and attracting your audience.

We highly recommend starting your blog with Bluehost. You can get up and running from just $2.95 p/m + you get a free domain name. Free installation of your Blog on WordPress.


To increase your earnings, you need to find an audience that stays with you and trusts your opinion. There are thousands of blogs about simple topics. The key to being successful is to find a suitable niche. The blogging world is vast and competitive. So, you are more likely to generate income if you have less competition in the digital space. Furthermore, you need to produce high-quality content on a regular basis to keep your readers engaged.

Once you have your blog set up and ready, you can start promoting products through affiliate links. Whether you decide to work with a company or commission platform, you will often receive a direct link that you can give to your readers. This link will lead to the company’s website or a larger marketplace, such as Amazon. When your readers click on this link and make a purchase, you will automatically get credit for that sale. Some companies also utilize unique promotional codes so that they can keep track of where that purchase came from.
Affiliate Marking Income Potential

How much you can make with affiliate marketing depends on the commission rate and the number of sales you make. Commission rates vary dramatically from company to company. Typically, lower rates are utilized for products that are a bit easier to sell. The product may have a lower price tag or high demand. Higher commissions are the opposite. They may be a bigger purchase, thus resulting in fewer sales. However, with the higher commission rate, you will be making more money on the sales you do make.
Figuring out how much you can make per sale is quite easy.

For example, say you are promoting a $500 product with a 10 percent commission rate. 10 percent of that $500 is $50. So, you would be making $50 per sale. If you end up getting 10 sales through your promotion and affiliate link, you can make $500 on that single product alone. Needless to say, affiliate marketing can be quite a lucrative endeavour.
Here’s a quick start guide to Affiliate Marketing

• Find your niche to target: Find something that interests you or a subject you can research and write about. Please do not think you need to be a professor in this niche.

• We highly recommend starting your blog with Bluehost . You can get up and running from just $2.95 p/m + you get a free domain name. Free installation of your Blog on WordPress.

• The idea with affiliate marketing is that your aim is to help readers solve a problem. Create content that will help your readers.

• Build an audience is not as difficult as you may think. You can build up an audience pretty quickly on Pinterest and via organic listing on Google (SEO)

• Monetize your content. You can do this with ads (Adsense or Alternatives), affiliate marketing, products — it’s up to you!

VigLink – content monetization made easy with affiliates:

VigLink is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. VigLink works in a very different way than other blog monetization programs. VigLink converts your normal outgoing links into affiliate links, and if users make a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it.  The best part is that you don’t need to be signed up for an individual affiliate account on all networks. Viglink tracking takes care of all of them!

I will give you a list of Reliable Affiliate Marketing Organizations:





MLM Gateway








Commission Junction (Now they are known as CJ)




I strongly recommend SFI (Strong Future International-USA).  SFI offers a lucrative home-based business opportunity.  Home Based Business that will earn you income from multiple sources of opportunities through affiliate programs.   These work at home affiliate programs are highly rated.  The work at home business opportunity programs are offered to those who are interested in starting a home-based business.


SFI (Strong Future International) is a division of Carson Services, Inc., which was founded in 1985, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. SFI was launched in 1998. Today, with over two crores registered affiliates in over 200 countries, it is believed to be the largest affiliate network in the world.


It is a genuine network marketing organization. It is both an affiliate program and a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program who sell thousands of products online. It is correct that anybody can join SFI Free, but you have to put your effort consistently & sincerely and then only your business will flourish and expect a sumptuous income.


SFI will extend all support to the Newly recruited Affiliate by way of Free Online Training, Free Website, and 24 x 7 days help from Sponsor. Register today itself and start earning.



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. ShareASale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant. Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products.


ShareASale has been in business for 19 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Their objective is to provide customers with an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform. They strive to deliver the best product in the industry, and support it with superior customer service provided by people that will follow up, call back, and provide real solutions. In January 2017, global affiliate network Awin acquired ShareASale to provide further international opportunities to domestic advertisers and publishers.

It is always free to join as an Affiliate, the sign-up process is quick and easy and once you are approved into the ShareASale network, thousands of Merchant Programs will be waiting for you to join them as a partner. is giving $150 for each qualifying merchant signed up through your links. The merchant program must either be 6 months old (from point of activation on the network) or have generated $100 in network fees (whichever comes first) for you to receive the $150. is also giving $30 for each qualified affiliate that signs up through your links. This affiliate must sign up with as an affiliate, and generate at least $20 in commission in order for you to receive the $30.

Join, Earn Cash!

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

Find a sponsor for your web site.  Get paid for your great content.


Webtalk is a global big data software technology company focused on relationship-based data mining, storage and search technologies to power the next generation communication and commerce utility.

Join Webtalk – Pауіng Sосіаl Mеdіа Plаtfоrm – It is FREE

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1. Webtalk has continued to rapidly grow and jumped another 800 spots on the global Alexa ranking. We are almost in the TOP 16K sites in the US. Please see the chart below for details.

2. Today, we updated our software versioning and released v2.2.28, which contains a number of bug fixes and new features. Please see the attached document for a complete review of everything new.

3. We are making an update to our Referral Rewards Payment Platform that will automatically direct deposit your commissions monthly to whatever account you have linked as the default account, after your account has surpassed the $100 minimum payment requirement.

Currently, only Stripe accounts for US members are available to be linked. The backend integration with Payoneer (global payments) was completed last week and we are looking to deploy this service in the 9/4 release or sooner.

We also have our own ACH system getting deployed for select countries where you do not need a 3rd party to collect payment. This will be in addition to adding PayPal as the fourth option for linked accounts. Once these services are scheduled for release, we will make an announcement.

4. Webtalk is going to be making a big update to new member onboarding with the release of mobile apps this year. We are also going to be giving mobile apps a brand-new experience.

Combined, we expect not only a lot more members to join, but to be engaged daily.

The mobile news-feed will have many noticeable improvements.

5. Webtalk is going to be enhancing our PRO service as well to include a 4th package option to simply remove ads from your Webtalk experience for $10/mo, and a 7-day free trial for all PRO packages.

6. Today, we also released a couple new Newsfeed filters “Professional Contacts EXCLUDING Acquaintances” and “remember my last filter”. See the attached screenshot for details. We are working on a “Share Consolidation” feature as well that will remove the same post from reappearing from your newsfeed if mutual connections share it.

7. We have begun the development of the first version of group chat that will be accompanied by a “select and message all” feature on your contacts page.

This way after you narrow down your contacts search, can can invite all of them to a private group chat and give the chat channel a name such as “Neighborhood Block Party” or “Sales Department” or “Joe’s Birthday Party” etc. so the channel is easy to find in your message thread.

The most active group chats will always appear at the top of your message thread.

8. More notifications and email newsletters are underway. As we wrap up Beta testing, we are beginning to build out all of the tools to keep our members in the loop with everything going on in your own accounts and with Webtalk in general.

We deploy updates every two weeks. The next release v2.2.29 is scheduled for 8/21

PS: My apologies for not being able to accept everyone’s connection requests. Due to the sheer volume of requests, and attempting to keep my newsfeed clear, I’m only accepting invitations from people I know in real life, and our PRO customers so I can get more feedback about our PRO services.

To learn more about Webtalk, our services, team, roadmap and opportunities please visit our Invitation Link and register today itself:

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How It Works – Simply promote Bluehost on your Website / Blog with custom banners and links. For every visitor who clicks through these links and signs up, you will receive $65. Help others learn why Bluehost is so great. The more you do so, the more you make!

We provide a wide selection of market-tested creative assets to use on your website, so you can choose the ads and banners that most effectively complement your brand’s look and feel. It pays to look good.

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Constant Contact helps small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs drive more revenue with powerful email marketing tools—and so much more. Your audience can:
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• Increase sales or donations in less time with Email Marketing Automation
• Get the most out of their online store with ecommerce tools
• Improve lead magnet effectiveness with our Lead pages integration

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Start Professional, Stay Professional
Get your WordPress website started right with site analytics, traffic management, security, and backups all together in a complete WordPress bundle.
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Join MLM Gateway

What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway connects those who are involved in network marketing, providing home-based business leads. By contacting other members and presenting them the home-based business they work in, MLM Gateway users create effective lead generation. This results in a rapidly growing network of business leaders in the network marketing program structure. Since MLM Gateway members already have experience with network marketing, it is far easier to establish a partnership with them.

You are encouraged to recommend this website to your downline, so they also recruit new leaders. You then accelerate your network marketing business even faster! Use our simple form to invite your team when you log in.

MLM Gateway is not an ordinary database of e-mail addresses intended to spam other users with offers of MLM programs. Nor do we sell our members’ email addresses or phone numbers. Every member may choose to whom he gives his contact information.

After successfully signing up, you gain access to the list of network marketing leads. You can choose whoever you want to contact and send them a partnership request. MLM Gateway has members all over the world so it doesn’t matter if you are looking for free network marketing leads from the United States, Australia, Germany or South Africa. You are in the right place.

Registration and use of MLM Gateway is FREE OF CHARGE. You need not spend a single penny to start building MLM business with us.

Following successful registration, each member may send a request for partnership to another member. The request is sent by means of a simple form that reveals neither the recipient’s e-mail address nor telephone number. The recipient of the request controls whether they will contact the sender or not. Member privacy is assured.

Refer New Members to MLM Gateway
You Get 10 Credits as a Reward for Each
They Get 5 Credits to Begin With
You Earn up to 50% Lifetime Commission from Their Purchases.
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Join Cuelinks……Easy way to 1000+ Affiliate Marketing Business

Cuelinks is a 2-minute Content Monetisation tool for bloggers, deal site owners, coupon sites, forum owners or any publishers or in fact, any websites which sends outbound traffic to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony websites.

Just by signing up under Cuelinks, you are signing with 1000+ affiliate programs and you maintain all these in your Cuelinks Dashboard.

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CUELINKS Referral program

Join Cuelinks……Easy way to 1000+ Affiliate Marketing Business

Cuelinks is a 2-minute Content Monetisation tool for bloggers, deal site owners, coupon sites, forum owners or any publishers or in fact, any websites which sends outbound traffic to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony websites. Just by signing up under Cuelinks, you are signing with 1000+ affiliate programs and you maintain all these in your Cuelinks Dashboard. Sign-up today –

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Become a Ucraft Affiliate

We have created the Ucraft Affiliate Program with the aim of building long-lasting relationships that will be beneficial for everyone.

Ucraft is an all-in-one advanced website builder that can be used by anyone who wants to create a website for themselves; or by businesses and professionals who want to showcase their products, services, projects, or events. Simple and easy to use, Ucraft also serves as an eCommerce platform where users can launch an online store, and at the same time, it is a CMS or content management system which is ideal for managing web pages and building one’s brand online.

Ucraft is one of the Top 20 Landing Page Software Products in the world
Similarly, Ucraft is one of the Top 50 Website Builder Software products in the world

Lifetime Commissions

Earn for each sale and renewal helping us build a strong community of designers and webmaster.

25% Commission On Sales

130K Active Users

Get your share every time you refer someone to Ucraft. For more information and Registration, Visit Invitation Link –


Join WowApp and get paid for your entire activities!

Wowapp is a social website just like Facebook and WhatsApp, but pay you for every activities done on the site, and FREE to join.

Change your Chatting Site to Wowapp and earn everyday. Everyday a member generates earnings, a donation occurs for one of over 2,000 charities in over 110 countries. Wealth is distributed to members and charities in real time.

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WowApp is not a scam, is not a virus and is absolutely legit. It is free to sign up, free to use app to app and you make money.

WowApp uses an Affiliate Plus program and the Plus part is that you get to earn commissions from the people that are invited by the ones you invited to 8 generations. Wow! That is powerful!

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WowApp uses an Affiliate Plus program. Join FREE, Please visit following Invitation Link :

Wowism in practice

The economic philosophy of Wowism is put in practice by WowApp, the first global solution against income inequality. It is a revolutionary economic platform that allows its members to earn as a result of the daily activities that they were before doing for free: communication, international calls, playing games, shopping online, using the phone and the web. Once members have earned real money with WowApp, they have various options for easily cashing out. Everyday a member generates earnings, a donation occurs for one of over 2,000 charities in over 110 countries. Wealth is distributed to members and charities in real time.

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Thomas Knobel
Founder & CEO at Nobel, NobelBiz, Nobel Financial, WowApp (Linkedin Profile)

Born in Switzerland, my entrepreneurial journey started at age 7 when my father told me to stop selling my toys to older children, something I had been doing since age 5. He provided me with chicken eggs from an organic farm. Within 4 weeks I changed my pricing structure and owned a business earning $100 per week.

At age 16, in 1994 I moved to the United States for the American Dream. Back then there weren’t many places in the world supportive of young entrepreneurs. I was lucky when in August 1998 I started Nobel as a school project becoming the first mover to sell phone cards over the internet. When I graduated from Babson in 2001, Nobel had grown to $10M in sales and my team counted 30 people.

Over the past 20 years, with the help of many amazing people, I have founded 4 additional companies. NobelBiz to service excellence to America’s most demanding customers; Fortune 500 companies and their contacts centers. Nobel Financial to provide our Nobel customers with attractive remittance possibilities. Nobel Express to provide even better ways for those wanting to help their families in Africa.

The company that is most needed and can make the biggest difference in the world is WowApp, a rare solution against the unsustainable rise of income inequality that threatens that capitalist system many of us have enjoyed so much. It is my dream to contribute to the world, a solution of sharing and doing good, to create a better world with opportunity for everyone.

Join Fiverr Freelance Service!

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.
Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business – Fiverr
Unrivalled experts, trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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Find the Perfect Freelance Services for Your Business!
Unrivalled experts, trusted by the world’s biggest brands
Find Freelance Services For Your Business Today
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Give Your Business The Right Tools
• Full Transparency
A new shared dashboard allows you to track your team’s activity, so that everyone is always in sync.
• VIP Customer Support
Quick response time and upgraded support solutions will help you to get what you need, when you need it.
• Improved Billing Options
One team – one payment method. You can now add a card on file that every team member can use.

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Withdrawing Funds / Commission

When you have a balance in your seller account, you can withdraw your funds to either your PayPal account, credit your Fiverr Revenue Card, or transfer money to your bank account (“Direct Deposit” in the U.S.).

• You can withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked as completed. The waiting period for Top Rated Sellers is seven days.
• You can only withdraw once per 24 hours.
• There is a $5,000 maximum per transaction.

To withdraw funds from your account:

• Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click Earnings.
If you have money available in the Available for Withdrawal area, then you have certain options to withdraw funds.

You can withdraw through Paypal, Bank Transfer, or Fiverr Revenue Card.




has been in business since 1999 and we’ve shipped millions of orders to over 90 countries worldwide. We are based in Utica, Michigan (United States) and carry over 28,000 products from over 720 different manufacturers.

eVitamins is an online store that sells a wide range of branded vitamins, supplements, whole foods, herbs, baby care and even pet supplies for your needs. They are the major provider of supplements, vitamins, herbs and other health products to people today. You can find here affordable products that can be shipped at a low cost as well. They have been operating since 1999 and have proven successfully each year that they are an online store that can be trusted by their customers.

It is one of the ideal places for people to find the supplements and vitamins that they need. With more than 25,000 brand names included, you will be sure to find the products you can use for better health. Make sure you read the eVitamins reviews from the company to learn more about them.
eVitamins – Your Most Trusted Online Source for Natural and Healthy Products.

Join eVitamins Affiliate Program – Share & Earn $10 ; And also earn 30 to 70% commission on purchase of products through your Affiliate Link.


eVitamins Vitamins and Supplements up to 70% off!

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eVitamins Vitamins and Supplements up to 70% off!

eVitamins Vitamins and Supplements up to 70% off!


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